For they had fathers who didn’t know how to train their sons in the ways in which a man should walk.
A Letter to My Daughter About Young Men
Benjamin Sledge

“Many grew up without a male figure to explain what honor and integrity look like. Feel compassion for them, instead. Point them to other men you see acting in honorable ways.”

As a woman who grew up without a father active her in life who then ended up raising daughters with a mostly absent father, I can say this statement is very true for females as well. I know that a present and participating father in a girls life can make a huge difference when it comes to her dating years. Without the guidance and example of what to expect and look for in a companion and life mate a young woman is just going on trial and error, mostly error. In many cases she has no strong male role model in her life and is overly eager to please any young man who shows her attention. Add to the lack of direction and male guidance in her life peer pressure to engage in sexual intercourse, mix in teenage angst and other factors such as sexual abuse (1 out of 5 girls) which can lead to lower self esteem, depression and other issues.