Does Size Matter? Apple Finally Thinks So

Today, hordes of people are lining up in Apple stores all over the world to get their hands on the new iPhone 6. With the debut of the 4.7-and the 5.5 –inch screen, you’re probably wondering what all the hype is about. After all, larger smartphones are nothing new. In fact, Apple has been losing a chunk of its market share to Samsung because of the Galaxy’s big-screened smartphones. Now Apple has decided that it too wants a piece of the “big-phone” pie by acknowledging that size actually does matter.

The 1000-dollar question is, what’s the ideal size for a smartphone and which one will you end up buying? There is a decline in the smartphone market so I wonder if bigger screens are enough of an incentive to attract consumers. As an Apple fan myself, I never cared for bigger screens, in fact, my iPhone 5c is a mere 4 inches. I personally like the feeling of being able to clasp my phone within the palm of my hand and chuck it in my pocket without fear of attracting attention from potential muggers who have their sights set on my beautiful, baby blue, unlocked, 600 -dollar iPhone.

On that note, bigger phones definitely have their perks as it most definitely enriches the user’s mobile experience. A watchable screen for example, enhances the user’s ability to watch and stream videos on his or her smartphone, which explains why bigger phones have been a “key driver in increased mobile consumption.” According to a study, 72 % of “consumers watch video on their mobile phones.”

Believe it or not, I am the only iPhone holder in my family as they continuously try to sway me to buy the Samsung Galaxy. I have never been attracted to the Galaxy for several reasons, the two most important being, I do not like the size, it’s too big and bulky for my taste, and my wild attraction for Apple’s apps market is hard to pass up.

When it comes to software developers, Apple’s iOS is more appealing than its Android counterpart. In fact, most developers release their apps on iOS exclusively, months before they are released on Android. It took Instagram 18 months after launching on iOS to release it on Android. Apple’s limited number of devices compared to Android’s 12,000 different devices and varied screen sizes has made iOS more appealing for developers releasing first-time apps.

As a woman, I find big and heavy gadgets inconvenient to carry, which is why I would definitely go for Apple’s 4.7-inch screen, which seems more compact. A 4.7-inch screen will definitely make surfing the web, reading and tweeting articles, watching videos, playing games, Skyping, and networking more enjoyable. But, most importantly, a 4.7 is a perfect size for collaborating and multi-tasking on your phone. According to a recent study from Penn State University, people find bigger smart phones more “emotionally satisfying” and practical because its being used for not only entertainment, but for communication purposes as well.

I can finally enjoy reading, writing, and communicating on the go, thanks to that bit of extra space. A larger display gives businesses and individuals room to breathe as they maneuver with flexibility and efficiency while mobilizing teams and projects within seconds.

If you are an artist, photographer, filmmaker, avid reader, musician, journalist, gaming fanatic, travel enthusiast, then you appreciate the sights and sounds of bigger pictures, bigger movies, bigger video games, bigger books, and bigger music which, are all the makings of a bigger phone.

If you are a startup or solopreneur seeking to better the quality of your work, it’s one thing to collaborate and produce work from your desktop, but it’s a whole other ball game when the power is in the palm of your hands.

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