Im HaraS GrebyN, and I am still a Salty Jewish Warrior.

If you have ever interacted with me in the past few years you have probably been screen capped reported and dog piled by me and my wack job supporters. But why do I do these things? It is simple: Because I am an Salty Jewish Warrior who wants to control creative vision through fear and intimidation tactics because I have nothing better to do. I also have a natural talent for lying and pushing bad ideas that hurt everyone on the majority of people by pointing to a problem that is not a problem. This false problem I have pushed for over a year and a half is the movement known as GamerGate which is consumers being fed up with bad gaming press, poor developer and publisher support of games and simply being taken advantage of. Needless to say I and many “SJWs” were able to push a lie of GamerGate being a hate mob. This however didn’t come without consequence as my deepest darkest secrets were uncovered by the detective work of gamers and internet enthusiast alike. I will openly deny that my past is my past by saying I was a “teenage edge lord”, but we all know I am just lying to cover up my past. I have been called out on my lies just as other SJWs have and Exposssseeedddd for my lies, crimes, and plain old bullshit more times then you would care to count. But at least I have friends that are too stupid to see what GamerGate sees. At least they will blindly defend my edglord ways and web of deceit so I don’t have to. If you see the proof of my crazy teenage years, I meant what I said, even if I openly disguise it as something else now. Now I face a world of trouble all because I thought I could help to take over another industry, but please don’t feel bad for me because I don’t. Anyways back to my devious ways and past illegal life style. Remember #MasculinitySoFragile #AdmitYourWhitePrivilege and to follow me at @SRHMutts on twitter. #SJWForLIFE!

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