INFLUENCE FOR SALE: Who Writes Your Hyperpartisan News

Interesting, though not entirely surprising. A lot of the spam I delete I have tracked back to microtasking sites like fiverr or this one.

Also, bad as this is, the new thing is that it’s cheap and it’s anonymous. More prestigious voices have always been for sale at higher prices. After all, what are you? You are what the Atlantic Council established, when they figured out that influencing traditional decision makers might not be enough in today’s world. A 50 year old elite think-tank’s hapless effort at adapting to social media.

Your job, like these jobs advertised, is still entirely top-down. Powerful, prestigious and rich people established your goals, your priorities. People like me don’t have the slightest say (I’ll be surprised if you even read this). Hell, people like you probably don’t have much of a say.

That doesn’t mean you’re not sincere. Nor do you take anyone’s marching orders, I expect. It’s just that as Noam Chomsky said to Andrew Marr, you wouldn’t be sitting where you sit if you believed anything you weren’t supposed to.

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