As long as streaming services think of themselves as music consumption services they’ll definitely…
Chandler Coyle

Well, we get to test your theory now, because Spotify is trying very hard to push LPs on me. I haven’t seen that end of it, but I understand that they expose a lot of information to rights-owners on a “dashboard” to help them better understand their audience, plan tours, etc.

But I still think you’re basically wrong. I’m on Spotify to listen to music, and to discover music. Very much “music consumption services”. I’m just not interested in the LPs.

But, what would excite me, was if my subscription fees went to the artists I actually listened to. Right now that’s not true (total revenue collected is distributed according to all tracks played on the entire service). We see from patreon and twitch that if you can engage people, they will support you. But paying a subscription fee to spotify feels like paying spotify, not supporting your favorite artists — and rightly so, since payout is skewed towards music played on repeat rather than music enjoyed.

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