It’s Not Just About Labour as a Democratic Party: The “coup” threatens Labour’s very electability…
Roger C.

Well written coverage of the desperate strategy being employed!

Unfortunately there may also be a “plan” F; if Corbyn wins the same plotters may attempt to split the party and try to use the courts to seize the name and branding.

This may not be a bad thing; the MPs who won’t reunite with the party will see their days in parliament are numbered as the vast majority of CLPs support Corbyn, and many are furious at how the party leader has been treated. In fact, many CLPs were about to begin votes of no-confidence in their own MPs when they were shut down for various reasons, including Angela Eagle’s own CLP!

Knowing that they may face re-selection or be de-selected/withdrawn from the Whip, then splitting into another party may save Labour the trouble of dealing with them, and with the vast majority of the party unwilling to go with them their chances won’t be great, and the bulk of their funds will have to come from wealthy donors, making them just another Tory party.

Combined, this means that if there is a split, it may be a lot smaller than the anti-Corbyn brigade hope for, as many MPs will realise that their best option is to appease their CLPs by working with their party rather than against it, and it will be unlikely to get the party brand.

It’s great to see that the vast majority of members are very much aware of what is going on, which is why every plot so far has failed, and even step E will fail as well (or face an investigation into electoral fraud since Smith clearly cannot win otherwise). Any further attempts should become increasingly self-defeating as well.