A Word of Caution

Update 1 as of 04/04/2017: Pon. Radhakrishnan, BJP MoS (Minister of State) for Road Transport & Highways and Shipping in the Narendra Modi administration, has accused former Shipping Minister TR Baalu (DMK) of introducing Hindi on signboards in Tamil Nadu. 
Update 2 as of 04/04/2017: TN BJP leader H Raja Sharma threatened to stir “anti Tamil agitations” and “kick” Tamils if they dare to oppose Hindi.

This was the SAME man who gave a very stupid excuse for the same! He said truck drivers from North India do not know English nor Tamil, so signboards were introduced in Hindi instead! Today, he does a U-turn and blames DMK’s TR Baalu of “introducing” this!

This is a lie of unbelievable proportions. TR Baalu slammed Pon. Radhakrishnan regarding the same: 

The Highways department on 06/16/1981, had announced that every highway in the country would have 2 milestones each in English and Hindi and one in a local language. This by itself is the continuation of an old policy setup by the Government of India in 1960, when DMK was nowhere near power and Congress was ruling both the center and the Tamil Nadu state (back then known as the Madras State) with a comfortable majority. So, way before TR Baalu assumed office in 2004, this policy had been there for almost half a century. What TR Baalu really did was give importance to the local language first, then English, and finally Hindi. The order proposed and subsequently ordered by TR Baalu was: 
Vernacular Language 
Even then, in the state of Tamil Nadu, there were/are only 2 languages: Tamil and English. Thus the lie pouted by both the Shipping Minister Radhakrishnan and a TN BJP spokesperson KT Raghavan has been debunked.

But this isn’t about merely debunking lies being spread left, right and center by the BJP, as it always does. Why do they do this repeatedly, even as they themselves know they are lying through their own teeth?

As my friends in/supporting the DMK in Tamil Nadu, TMC cadres in Bengal and leftist comrades in Kerala should’ve all known by now, the BJP’s biggest weapon is the power of propaganda. We would’ve seen Nazi and Soviet propaganda during WWII. During both war and peace, it was propaganda that dominated over reality. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, BJP’s propaganda machine (both the mainstream and the social media outlets) is the strongest and the most menacing on Earth today and mankind’s third most powerful, after the Soviet and the Nazi propaganda machines.

From Left to Right: NSDAP, CPSU and BJP. Propaganda was/is their biggest strength.

At least the Nazis and the Soviets had reality backing up their rhetoric which made their propaganda machinery all the more menacing. OTOH BJP’s propaganda machinery is purely based on hate mongering inside out. This isn’t to say the majority community of India had absolutely no grievance, but the fear mongering tactic, especially on social media by the BJP played out well in their favor. To add to their advantage was the negligence of the majority community’s grievances by the Congress. Even Pakistan’s most respectable men Hassan Nisar and Syed Tariq Pirzada have commented on this. 
Congress had the upper hand. They could’ve easily jailed Modi for 2002 and the subsequent destruction of Gujarat. Modi was still largely unpopular in 2010. They had their advantages, but they threw it away. BJP capitalized on the fear mongering. They’ve managed to create a lasting image of Hinduism in danger, with examples. Especially in North India, where minority appeasement of Congress went out of control. BJP also used this as a platform to trample on Dalits. Some of the majority’s grievances are genuine, but the vast majority of them are bullshit. BJP managed to convert the small number of real issues and twist the bullshit to spread fear and capture power.

The Congress has effectively self-decimated and given Amit Shah his ultimate dream of a Congress-free India, on a platter, this leaving regional players to contend with the BJP on their own, the less I talk about them pulling regional players down through “alliances”, the better! If anyone wants to know how I came to this conclusion, I suggest them to read this article and return.

Since I’m from Tamil Nadu, my focus would be on this state and its history. As my friends in the DMK would’ve known, AIADMK till the death of Jayalalithaa never fought alone against DMK. Jayalalithaa always had her loyal B-teams to throw muck at the DMK and make it easier for AIADMK to win every single time. These B-teams of Jayalalithaa have only one purpose to stay in TN politics: bashing DMK. Some of them are MDMK (headed by Vaiko), PMK (headed by Dr. Ramadoss and his son Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss) and Naam Tamilar (headed by Seeman). At least AIADMK under MGR’s regime had the center (Congress) openly backing them and also allying with them in state assembly elections. It was a totally different ball game with Jayalalithaa in the lead.

BJP uses this EXACT SAME TACTIC to counter its enemies. It used AAP to devour Congress in New Delhi. It also helped TMC defeat Congress in Bengal and Communists dethrone Congress in Kerala. Now after Jayalalithaa in TN, BJP has taken over the underlings of AIADMK. But BJP is worse, since they additionally use falsehoods and deceive the gullible masses. Never meant to say AIADMK never used falsehoods, at least we were aware of what was going on. Is it any surprise that PMK scum immediately regurgitate ALL the anti DMK bullshit coming from the BJP IT Cell within minutes (at best) or hours (at worst) of it becoming public?

DMK must be aware that more such falsehoods/half-truths from the BJP IT Cell and their paid useful idiots in the PMK/Naam Tamilar/MDMK (INCLUDING THE LEADERS OF THESE PARTIES!), even OPS AIADMK, spamming it to the hilt will follow.

Here’s what BJP does when it faces elections in a largely illiterate state like UP where it won: https://www.newslaundry.com/2017/03/17/how-bjps-it-cell-waged-war-and-won-in-up OTOH, Tamil Nadu is not just well educated, it’s also aware of BJP’s designs. So BJP tries to divert the hate towards DMK every single time it gets caught in a quagmire. This isn’t the first time they’ve done this. As far as I can recall, after Jayalalithaa, this is the THIRD TIME BJP is trying to ascribe the crimes of Congress, AIADMK and even their own ilk to the DMK. 
1. DMK subverted the ban on Jallikattu brought into effect by Congress’ Jairam Ramesh from 2009 till 2011. 
2. The hydrocarbon project deal was signed by AIADMK and BJP. Here’s evidence with date: http://pib.nic.in/newsite/PrintRelease.aspx?relid=128772
3. Now BJP is blaming DMK of imposing Hindi on TN, when in reality, TR Baalu actually gave more importance to vernacular languages.

Is this the first time the BJP has waged a war on the DMK in this manner? Nope! This started with the cooked up 2G scam in 2010. Here are a few charts to show how India’s telecom story improved by leaps and bounds under the supervision of DMK’s Andimuthu Raja.

Look at the value/change % from 2004 to 2009 and decide for yourselves whether DMK’s A Raja looted the country.

Today the CBI is being slapped left, right and center by the Supreme Court at New Delhi for not producing any evidence backing the allegation. If anyone, particularly a DMK hater, has any evidence, please forward it to the CBI as soon as possible, since BJP’s fuel is running out and all the losers who depend on this fake case for their daily bread will lose it too!

DMK’s Andimuthu Raja replies to the Supreme Court in his own style: “I believe in evidence, not luck”.

Another unrelated news article: 

BJP always had its prying eyes on Tamil Nadu, since it’s a highly educated, secular, peaceful and god-fearing conservative state where Congress never stands a chance on its own, but neither do BJP! Moreover, BJP ruled states can be used to describe what “Hell on Earth” would look like, so jealousy sets in. “How dare these darkies live much better than us and also make fun of us!?” This is just one part of a war BJP is waging nationwide in its bid for absolute power and totalitarianism. Bengal and Kerala are targeted even more than Tamil Nadu at the moment.

So what can DMK do to counter this stream of lies coming from the BJP IT Cell? Not just public rebuttal, DMK must also engage its lawyers and the courts of Tamil Nadu and India. One word of caution is that since the current CJI Jagdish Singh Khehar assumed office on 01/04/2017, cases against Modi/BJP are effectively being stalled/stopped. So DMK must act quick and sue BJP for millions, possibly billions of INRs before Modi destroys justice completely in India. The courts of India are the last hope for freedom in the country, due to an increasingly totalitarian man heading the government at New Delhi.

This is a placeholder post. More will be added as I get the time.

Thank you all for reading. Have a good day.