Europe’s Migrant Crisis: Pros and Cons

This is just a quick overview of what the good and what the bad outcomes of the current migrant crisis in Europe are. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll keep this oriented around the UK, with snippets from here and there.

I’ll start with the good because that’s always the best place to start, keep everyone in a happy mood and all. And of course this list is quite a bit shorter than the list of cons.

Europe will have a greater cultural diversity

Yes, with more people coming from different parts of the world, there will be more religions in one place. Nothing wrong with people having different beliefs as it can make for better education of the world and it can even be a tool for debate.

Saving people from hostile environments

Although it’s always nice to think that all of those people in Calais are desperate to get into the UK because they are fleeing from war, you've got to wonder why they didn't stop at the first country they arrived in. That is because, in fact, there is a very small minority of people causing chaos in Calais who are actually refugees, the refugees took refuge in the first safe place they could find. Most of the migrants in Calais are there for economic gain, hence why they want into the UK, because as most residents know, the UK’s motto is “don’t worry if you can’t be bothered to work, we’ll fund your lazy lifestyle!”.

Now, onto the bulkier part of the article: the cons

Causing the economy to decline

Now obviously the main thing to worry about is money, because “money makes the world go around”. The main people you see at Calais are young males, this is because they don’t need to bring family because if they get granted asylum and start claiming benefits, they’ll just send money over to whichever country their family is in, and not recirculate the money back into the UK’s economy, hence causing it to decline.

Laws and beliefs differ among countries

In countries in the Middle East, people’s beliefs are lacking behind that of western culture. Beliefs such as being homosexual is wrong or that thieves should have their hands cut off. There is also the *ahem* accusations of witchcraft occurring in the Middle East, so you could easily call their beliefs delusional at best. Bring these two ideologies, western and eastern, together and what do you get? Chaos, that’s what. There was a case in Germany a couple of weeks ago about 2 people being stoned in Germany for being transgender, the people who committed the crime were not German, but from Africa. There is also the treatment of women, but that can wait until later.

The diversity of the UK will be lowered

Even though earlier I said that more religions equals a more multicultural population, in some areas that is not the case. In London, less than half of the people living there are actually of British origin, and to me that’s a frightening concept, having less than half of a country’s capital consist of people native to the country is scary.

The UK is bending over backwards for migrants

I just found this out today, but if someone lives in a polygamous household (a household where a man has multiple wives) then they will receive more in benefits per additional wife he has. This might just seem like me looking for faults, but it is illegal for a UK citizen to have more than one wife, or they can be charged with bigamy and can be detained for up to 7 years. There is also the moving of important exams with one religion in mind, English and Maths exams are being moved to the start of the exam period to make sure Muslim students can take part in ramadan. The same of course can be argued for Christianity, we have holidays named according to Christian events, for example we have Christmas holidays and Easter holidays, but that should be expected when the UK *was* a Christian country.

They think the world owes them something

This point comes from a news article I read a few days ago, there are asylum seekers who have been granted accommodation by the government, housing which some people of British origin do not have, and they kicked up a stink because the doors were red. They disliked it so much that they compared it to Hitler’s treatment of Jewish people, to me that shows a massive amount of disrespect to families who had relatives murdered in World War 2. The people who complained thinks that the UK is lucky to have people like them who abuse the system to get money for doing nothing.

A feeling of insecurity

In some religions, it is traditional for women to cover up as much of their body as possible, this section focuses mainly on the covering of the face. I would say that it feels slightly uneasy having someone who you cannot identify in close proximity to you. We all know the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, but we also all do make decisions on how people look. Take the case of Ahmed Mohamed for instance, he liked engineering so he decided he would build a clock. Because of his skin colour, name, religion and stereotypes his teacher thought that he had brought a bomb into school and he was arrested for building his own clock. But these days the world is very unsafe, so if people cover their face you think “what are they hiding? Are they going to try and hurt us?”. It’s sad that that’s what it has come to, but that’s just human nature.

The treatment of women

In some religions and areas of the world, women aren't treated as equals to men, they are disrespected and taken advantage of. It’s totally obvious that they won’t adapt to the way the Western world treats women, as demonstrated on New Years Eve when multiple migrants sexually assaulted many German women in Cologne, because that’s what they were brought up to believe is right, they don’t want to come over to be safe and adapt. They want to come over and act as though they are what Europe needs

You can disagree with these points as much as possible, but they are the result of many crimes committed since the migrants started arriving quicker than usual. These crimes are ignored by European authorities as they treat people who are from different areas of the world better as they feel sorry for them.

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