A Great Solution for Human Resource

Things manage by HR of any Organization -

  • Attendance Management
  • Leave Management
  • Employee Management

These are the things which are managed by HR but the important thing is,

Are they really managed?

Are they really maintain data?

I don’t know, being a developer doing the work late nights and going office late is my actually routine, then how my Boss/HR will be notified that I coming or going late and If I want to take leave and I suppose to be sending an email to my Boss/HR and waiting for the acceptance of that leave.

But what if he/she hasn’t seen yet and you are waiting still?

I know it hurts, when you ask your Boss/HR have you seen mail for leave and the Reaction is, ohh Shitt !! :(

So here I suggest a solution for all the HR problems,

Employees of any Organization that -

AQUA-HRMS, the solution for how we can get details about -

  • What time we are coming.
  • What time we are going.
  • We want a leave - it just take one click to apply.
  • On leave Accept/Reject you will be Notified.
  • How many leaves can you take.
  • Graph thing is little bit cool, where you can check week graph, month graph and year graph.

And their are many more things which I will not expose here because I want that WOW reaction form you :)

Where is it present -

Get your self register at AQUA. This is only for Admin/HR of Organization.

Google play Store, Apple Store applications ( AQUA-HRMS ) are there for Employees of same Organization when your Admin has been Successfully Registered on WEB.

It’s FREE not a single penny going from your pocket.

Great Thanks, To Team AQUA.

Hardeep Singh

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