Vote for real change, not the lesser of two evils

I keep reading about how frustrated everyone is with this election. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the most disliked candidates for President of the United States ever, with about 60% of us dissatisfied with either of them.

Well here’s an idea. Let’s show the Republicans and the Democrats that we don’t like how they are running things. If we can rally behind Gary Johnson we might see real change in government and in the Republican and Democratic parties.

Many people might not agree with Mr. Johnson’s positions or even think he would be the best choice for president, so let me explain why you should vote for him anyway. Gary Johnson is running as a Libertarian, there is almost no one in Congress that is also Libertarian, last I checked there might have been one person registered as Libertarian, so Mr. Johnson isn’t going to have the majority on his side by default, he will be forced from day one, to make compromises and to work in a completely non-partisan fashion as President. With out the backing of a majority of the Senate and House almost nothing he suggests will happen, so you don’t have to worry about him shutting down your favorite government program while he’s in office. Things will get done that benefit us all instead of just some portion of the Republicans or Democrats, or nothing will happen which is no different than the past 4 years.

The reason to not vote for the lesser of two evils, Hillary or Donald, is that if the majority of the Senate and House are the same party as the winner then that person will basically have a blank check to do anything they want. Gary Johnson won’t have that same luxury. With a Libertarian as President I think everyone will benefit. With a Republican or Democrat as President I think for most issues only members of that party will see any real benefit.

If you agree please share this. Let’s make the Republicans and Democrats see we don’t feel they represent or listen to us.