A Twitter Haunting

@JessicaBoo Dunno who you are and don’t care. Stop replying to all my tweets with weird gifs.

@DanTheHanFan Come with me. We can be together.

@JessicaBoo Okay. Muting now. Tc.

@DanTheHanFan Come with me, Dan. I miss you.

@JessicaBoo WTF! I muted you.

@DanTheHanFan We belong together. Just like we did back in school.

@JessicaBoo I blocked you too!! How is this still happening?!

@DanTheHanFan Take my hand, Dan. We are meant to be together. Come with me now.

@JessicaBoo I’m gonna report your account. Good day.

@DanTheHanFan Don’t you want me anymore?

@JessicaBoo Who. Are. You.

@DanTheHanFan I’m your soul mate. The only girl who loved you with all her heart.

@JessicaBoo Is this Jake?

@DanTheHanFan It’s me, Dan. Your Jess. Remember the day we met? I was wearing a silly hat.

@JessicaBoo If this is a Halloween thing, this is in poor taste. You are a sick person.

@DanTheHanFan What’s the matter, Dan? Did you forget about me?

@JessicaBoo Fuck off.

@DanTheHanFan You said I was the prettiest girl you had ever seen.

@JessicaBoo Whoever you are, you need to stop this shit. Right now.

@DanTheHanFan What’s the matter, Dan? Don’t you love me anymore?

@JessicaBoo The person you’re pretending to be was a real human being. This is not funny.

@DanTheHanFan I am still real, Dan. I’m waiting for you. I’ve been waiting for you for so long.

@JessicaBoo Fuck you. Jess is dead. This is sick. I’m going to ignore you now.

@DanTheHanFan Ignore me? Like you did when I drowned? And you just watched?

@JessicaBoo I don’t know what game you’re playing. This is over. Goodbye.

@DanTheHanFan It’s never over, Dan. I’m here now. With you. Near you. On this bed.

@JessicaBoo FUjlkhsshgngmms

<This account has been deleted>