A Normal Day

Kevin Deng is in his second year at Boston College. A day in the life of Kevin is a busy, yet rewarding time. Kevin wakes up at eight every day in anticipation of work. He takes a quick cold shower before he heads over to Lower Dining Hall to eat breakfast. Every morning when he gets there, Kevin is one of the few people actually there because barely anyone is awake. He takes a few quick bites and then starts walking to his job at the McMullen Museum of Art. At the museum, Kevin works the front desk for three hours. He directs visitor traffic and provides timely information to any guests.

Once his shift ends, Kevin heads back to campus to begin his busy day of classes. He wraps up around 4 o’clock daily. Kevin then returns to his dorm. Once back, he takes a power nap to re-energize before grabbing dinner. After dinner, he returns to his dorm to hang out with his friends and start his work. At least once a week, he also does his laundry while he works. Around 1 am, Kevin turns in for the night.

Kevin’s average day isn’t notable for being completely out of the ordinary. A lot of the activities that he does are exactly what one would guess a college student would do. It is notable because it is normal. Kevin’s days are busy enough to keep him interested but not hectic enough for him to feel incredibly stressed. That’s what makes his life special, most college students tend to overdo it and as a result they do not enjoy their college tenure.

Early in the morning, Kevin doesn’t have time to make his bed and clean his room before work (Space)
Kevin’s breakfast of choice is one of the ready made sandwiches available in BC dining halls
Kevin has only worked at the museum for three weeks now, yet he already loves working there
As he heads to his first class in Fulton, Kevin realizes that he left his bag at work and laughs (Frame)
Kevin has a normal room for a college kid, lots of snacks, a laptop and a monitor, and a fridge. Nothing out of the ordinary (Action)
Kevin’s regularly scheduled nap, from around 4:30–5:30
Kevin missed the opportunity to dine with his friends due to a club meeting, so he grabs a quick bite alone (Perspective)
Kevin loves to hang out at the gap between 90 and 66(his residence hall) because of how peaceful it is (Pattern)
Laundry time is a group activity for Kevin and his friends, they take over the laundry room and hang out there together
Every night before bed, Kevin reads a couple chapters of books that he likes (Portrait)
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