No Rest For The Wicked

The mind was capable of unimaginable feats if one were strong enough to believe them possible. – Kresley Cole
The journey towards success is indeed filled with bumps and bruises. There’s never a perfect path. The challenges are inevitable.
I’m halfway through; climbing on this mountain that is getting steeper day by day. Throughout my journey I am supported by my fellow peers and together we’re striving to ensure we reach the peak of the mountain.
On my way through, I have slipped and fell. Others have too.
Some maintain at the top leading the pack. Some started from the bottom and have climbed their way up to join the rest of the pack. Some have fallen and unfortunately have left the pack.
It’s a tough road. We’re aware of the consequences of this uphill battle but we constantly bury ourselves with faith and preservance.
We’ve surpassed 3 stages of this journey and yet we can barely see the light on the end of the tunnel. Even so we keep on soaring upwards supporting each other every step of the way. Now all that’s left is to cross this final and toughest stage. We know that there’s no point turning back and must give everything we got by all means necessary. In the end of the day, even if we’re not there standing at the peak with our teammates, we know that we have put up a great fight.