Why, yes, yes I did, I am, and there are.

I wrote two books – and I’m absolutely intending to write more – under the pseudonym of Aidan Truhen (get your anagram skills out and flourish them).

This piece is about making the reveal clip (which was hilariously difficult…

A “Your Country Needs You” for the Pandemic Moment

[Flag by vectors icon]

We are in a war with an enemy that is ruthless, cruel and subtle. Casualties exceed those from the Battle of Britain in World War II. We are losing.

The enemy has no scruples. He attacks the old, the vulnerable, the…

A Design for Living in the time of Coronavirus

[Image in Public Domain, from NIH via Wikipedia]

[Edits moved to the bottom for ease of reading]

First, the bad news

Here’s the problem, so that you can understand where I’m coming from: I think we’re screwing this up — or rather, as with the climate crisis and the early days of HIV…

In which the British Electorate is dragged back to the polls to complete its unfinished business; Boris Johnson finds out whether he’s really that charming; and Jeremy Corbyn has to write a manifesto which satisfies his Conference.

Photo by Snapwire

Since 2016 British politics has increasingly resembled the swansong tour of one of those rock bands with randomised umlauts. Jack Böx and the Zömbies. The original Jack died of an overdose in 1987, but here’s the band, still going strong. Or, if not strong, at least loud.

Boris Johnson, in…

A low-wonk guide to actual democratic process in the UK

You may have heard that the line from Downing Street is that it’s too late to avoid a No Deal Brexit. If so, you will no doubt be ASTONISHED to hear that this is not entirely accurate.

Happily, there are people in the world who know more about the UK’s…

Theresa May is creating a crisis moment — but what will she do with it?

Theresa May under Open Gov’t Licence v3.0

It is possible that she’s just lost it. We tend to assume that public figures are in full possession of their faculties — partly because the alternative is utterly terrifying, and partly because a political debate in which everyone just accuses everyone else of being mad doesn’t really get…

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