Introduction to HJ!

Hey there, I’m Harley Jade!

I’ve been a radio personality for a decade or so and just recently decided I wanted to expand to the INTERWEBS! But, it had to be for a great reason AND something completely different than what I do everyday.

So, I decided to hang with you and talk about SEX.

Ooooo, a woman talking about sex!!! TABOO! Blasphemy! WHORE!


Now that it’s all out of the way, we have lots to discuss! This blog post is just your introduction to me. Not handjobs. I’m not good at those.

I’m 30 and married. In a polyamorous situation and loving it. Polyamorous is when there are multiple loves. I’m not a swinger. Those folks just have sex and lots of it with many different partners. What I usually go for are deeper connections and actual relationships. Sex is just PART of that.

Since this is a blog about sex, we’ll talk about sex. I’ll leave the relationship stuff to my counterparts on other blogs. We’ll talk about sex (before, during, and after), positions, safe sex, toys, lubes, etc. It’ll be fun! I promise!

So, keep it locked here and you’ll get an article every Tuesday!


Harley Jade

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