Freedom of Religion as a License to Discriminate Against a Group/Community LGBTQ

After months of being a passive Medium participant, something I read on my Facebook account that I just couldn’t let go. Could it be the weather or something I had for dinner or the fact that it’s “SMonday” ?— almost Monday.

The article from @The Huffington Post by Jennifer Bendery is one of several controversies since the presidential election. What happened to “First we are all Americans — not Democrats, not Republicans,” but when it comes to your jobs, “religious organizations” have the legal right to discriminate against LGBTQ community.

First the logistics, how are they going to screen potential employees? Will they have a question on the application regarding applicants’ sexuality (is this even legal)? What if an applicant is a Mexican ( president-elect Donald J Trump had no reservations expressing his dislike, perhaps contempt, of the Mexican (not Latino or Hispanic) community.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy will likely become “Don’t ask, but snitch” on others if you want to get ahead in the company. What makes this country great are the opportunities that can make an individual from nothing, be something. But there are those who are likened to opportunistic pathogens in a normal flora. They create chaos, confusion, and ultimately add another socioeconomic outbreak that will take years to fix.

How many more lives will become statistics because their melanin or the person they love; children neglected and end up either dead or even worse victims of abuse; men and women who risk their lives to defend our country (and yes, LGBTQ and all the shades of SPF).

The right to religious freedom used a tool to oppress and discriminate others because of the letters “L G B T Q”. I hope that President-elect Donald J Trump will put his billions to one good use: hire or surround himself with the best advisors money can buy who will guide him to fulfill his campaign promises to “Make America Great Again” #MAGA.

Whew! My first contribution to Medium. Feedback greatly appreciated.