TRUST…. I have a personal cerebration to share about Trust and a recent conversation I had with a life long Friend about the loss of Trust in our life! My Friend was concerned about an upcoming reunion where a person she Lost Trust in forty years ago would most probably be. My Friend expressed how she wanted to Trust this person, how she really tried to Trust this person but even after the passing of forty years, she just could not and she did not know Why! The following is my cerebration of what Trust is and requires!

TRUST is like VIRGINITY…. When it is gone, it is gone forever! TRUST like VIRGINITY requires nothing to exist. No actions taken in the case of Virginity, No thinking in the case of Trust!

When we TRUST someone we are not burdened with having to Think, because what ever they say…. We Trust their communication is correct. What ever they do…. We Trust their actions are appropriate…. What ever it is, Trust allows us to accept immediately without questioning the person in whom we have placed our Trust.

But… When TRUST is compromised, just like our VIRGINITY it is gone forever. Now that doesn’t mean we can not continue to participate in the process, it just means the process doesn’t include Virginity or Trust any longer. No protection is required with Virginity or Trust but when lost both require protection for our own safety, health and welfare. TRUST becomes a different word when lost, a word that allows us protection as we move forward and the word it becomes is CONSIDER.

Now for the first time in our relationship with this person, we are required to CONSIDER what they say, what they think, what they do, and why! For the first time in our relationship with this person, it is taking time to rationalize and give reason to every word or action attached to their being. We must use CONSIDER as our form of protection. And sometimes even giving it our best it doesn’t work and we find ourselves let down and disappointed all over again by this person who once was TRUSTED.

When this happens, and unfortunately it usually does, we are forced to decide if this relationship is worth our Time and Consideration because if it is, we now know we are going to have to apply added protection for ourselves in order to continue. The added protection is found in the presence of two letters, the letter R and the letter E which must now be added to the word CONSIDER. Now in moving forward with this person we must RECONSIDER their actions, their statements, their intent, their reason and our ability to commit the time and emotional investment we find required to RECONSIDER!

Oh but so many of us have, will and/or already do RECONSIDER and RECONSIDER and RECONSIDER all over again, adding to each additional RE the time and emotional commitment required us but most of us never take the time to really explain to the person we once TRUSTED how life changes for both parties when TRUST IS LOST. We don’t take the time to share with that person how what once required nothing, now requires much. How no matter how hard we try and as well intentioned we are, if care is not taken, there shall come a time when there is no more time. A time when the emotional storehouse is empty, and as the children’s story so accurately states…. And All The Kings Horses And All The Kings Men…. Will Never Be Able To Put This Relationship Back Together Again!

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