Week 12a

Combining all the work (22/05/2017)

Coming towards the end of the development of our AR systems we finalised our simple, AR systems into a single scene. This made it easier to deploy onto devices as well as submit for marking. Further exploration in AR system would have benefited us more, with more time would have been advised, but the skills and methodologies learnt form this tasks has certainly generated an interest for me in AR and how we could use this type of technology further.

The following images will showcase an overview of what we were able to develop and the VuMarkers that were utilised:

Interactive Game VuMarker
Interactive Game
HoloLens User Guide VuMarker
VR User Guide Vu Marker
HoloLens and VR User Guide
Global Stress Data Visualisation VuMarker
Global Stress Data Visualisation
HoloLens Gesture User Guide VuMarker
HoloLens Gesture User Guide
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