It is a palate so common and basic that it’s often overlooked. These two timeless colors unfailingly accomplish more with less — representing simplicity in its purest and ultimate form.

When one is present without the other, it can still be a works most profound element. Together, they are the last word in good design and for it a necessary prerequisite. There’s something about the perceived limiting aspect of using only these two colors through which creativity arises, often unexpectedly, as if forced by an invisible hand.

Their simplicity is unparalleled, impact effortless, and abilities limitless. …

I ran, in the true sense of the term, for the first time in a year and a half today. It was great, but just how I remembered it.

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A nice spring day

I wasn’t planning on running, but like a subconscious act, it just…. happened. The morning of the 42nd day of spring was mid-thirties and rainy. While a good day by Northeastern standards, I definitely wasn’t coaxed out by the weather. The thought of not running had been a lingering cloud for the past year and a half, and I acknowledged that I would have to run again at some point, but I wasn’t due to guilt. In the middle of the day I found myself gravitating toward the New Balance store on Boylston street and my wallet floating out of my pocket to purchase an incredible pair of running facilitators. I assume Moore’s law holds true for running shoes (I was impressed with them to say the least). Later making it back to my room, I figured a run would complete the pattern of ascension on this accomplished day (I’m not yet willing to attribute this drive to genuine desire). …

I’ve never been able to keep a journal. I’ve tried notebooks, post-its, and have even been required to keep one on several occasions — but I don’t usually see the value in them. So this isn’t going to be a journal — just about whatever I’m thinking or what I’m inspired by, because if I gave it a focus it wouldn’t last very long. The key to this isn’t low expectations, it’s no expectations, and not taking it too seriously. I’m also going to get lazy with grammar.

I get nervous when I’m not doing or creating something outside of the classroom — I think that theres this whole other world that I’m not progressing in and that makes me uncomfortable. I’m usually very busy, so thats my excuse when I don’t make something — it’s sometimes valid, but when I’m not busy, Im just lazy, but still use the excuse that I’m too busy. I have a lot of ideas, but if nothing is made from them — they don’t exist. I haven’t made anything in awhile and am stuck in an unfinished project and think this would be fitting in lieu of making a video, or painting, or another project because it wont take as long (especially when it’s not planned out), but I’ll still know (think) that I’m doing something. …


Harris Allen

Empiricist, philosopher, blonde

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