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Fifteen Beginnings of an Essay I Will Never Write


My mom used to take me to her psychiatrist appointments. I’d bring Pogs. I was nine. She’d leave me in the waiting…

Talk Dirty To Me

On office janitors

Offices are trash. Burrito husks and crispy coffee lids. Tumbleweeds made of hair, rolling between the cubicles like it’s five o’clock…

Five Life-Affirming Poets Under 30

And you thought poetry was dead.

Poetry actually has a healthy immune system, smooth skin, and really good blood pressure. Poetry is…

This feels nice

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How People Pronounce Barack Obama’s Name

You can tell a lot about someone by the way they pronounce a name. Listen to the way people from England pronounce Barack Obama’s name. They make his name sound like it’s O’Ballmer or Aballmer or Abawmerr. Brock Aballmer. Very Oxbridge, genteel, Anglo-Saxon, right? You know Steve Ballmer is the head of Microsoft Corporation, don’t you? Ballmer. A PC name…

It was a three-uncle job. It was a job for three uncles. It was a job for uncles in groups of three. It was a job for thrice the uncles. It was a job for a tuppence of uncles, plus one. It was a job for a ménage à l’oncles. It was a job for an avuncular trilogy. It was a job for a tripartite band of identically shaped chins. A lateral triumvirate. A chromosomal tripod. An equilateral triangle made of strategically…

How To Get Over A Breakup: 7 People On What To Read When Your Heart Is Broken

1. Ready Player One by Ernie Cline

I’m A Jew Who Sings In Church For Money

The thing churches never tell you — not in the tri-fold brochure or the pre-sermon donation plea — is they’re paying the choir a lot of money. I’m…

6 Books You Will Love More Than Any Valentine

For Valentine’s Day. Or: Make Sweet Language-Love To A Book Day.

6 Books That Will Make You Want To Be A Better Human

Six books to make you listen harder, tell more truth, and edit your internal monologue. Books to help you get out of bed tomorrow

How To Cure The Winter Blues

Lay yourself down on the Earth and just freeze. Do nothing and then do sub-nothing. Let each of your vital organs turn to ice as you GTFO this mortal coil.