On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

"The argument, reduced to its essence, is that the very act of receiving a speaker fee is itself a form of corruption".

No, just taking money to speak isn't itself a form of corruption. Having a charity that allows you to skirt past the campaign donation limits is. Pretend that you are Hillary: You can only take a certain amount of money from a single person - and it is illegal to take campaign contributions from non-Americans. But if they "donate" to your "charity", this is perfectly legal, any person from any country can donate or pay for "speaking engagements" and any amount can be accepted. Do you see the corruption yet? Do you start to understand why we are upset that she won't release the transcripts? Why doesn't she want us to know what she is telling these massive firms? And lets look at it another way: Why not just put it all to rest if there's nothing to hide? Why keep one of the strongest points against you going?

And people love to talk about the Sanders tax returns, well her demand for them backfired big time! It was shown that she made more in ONE talk at Goldman Sachs than he did all year - and she made THREE talks to them alone! These are the same people that DESTROYED our economy - yet are doing better now than they were before the collapse. But hey, she told them to "cut it out", remember. LOL.

Don't worry, rather than look at these facts I'll probably just get called "sexist" or something, right? I could go on and on but this article is long and it is SO full of misleading and downright false information that I'd be here all day. There sure have been a lot of these "seen the light" hitman articles lately. It's odd though that they all eventually get tied to people that never wanted Bernie at all. Like Chris Sosa, he wrote one of these "I used to be a Berner but then I did my research" articles - It turns out he's a friend of Chelsea and former employee of Hillary. Yeah, I'm sure he was big time pro-Bernie.