Task 1: Analyse Requirements

Summarising the Brief

I have decided to create a website for a B&B. The site will require an image gallery to show what the B&B looks like. It should have a embedded map to show the location and a page for bookings. About us page would be useful too.
The target audience is tourists and people traveling around Tasmania.
The site will be built on a CMS so it can be easily modified. The site will be built using HTML and CSS. JavaScript may be required for some of the interactive components. An API key from Google is needed for the embedded map. By default it uses an iframe but this may not be suitable.

Other sites that could be considered competitors are the thetrig.com.au which is anther local B&B. The site features testimonials and reviews from trip advisor. pinnersbb.com has a built in enquiry form.

My solution for this site is to use large high quality photos that span the entire screen while using a light and clean menu.

Evaluating Social Media Options

Integrating social media into a website allows the users to use accounts they have already created and are most likely already signed in. It provides a familiar interface which reduces cognitive load and promotes activity. It also can help the sites SEO. The downside of social media integration is false and damaging comments can be left which heavily impacts business that have few comments.

genius.com does Social media integration well allowing users to use Facebook, Twitter, Google or sign up with your own email. If you scrolled to the bottom of the homepage you probably liked the site so they placed another create an account button at the bottom. They use their social media platforms to advertise content on their site and to link back to the content.

Most companies implement the social media software well but their social team let them down in the content they post. Form Epicurus advertising food to people effected by the Boston bombings, Luton airport reposting a plane crash or executives not following good PR practices.
For successful social media integration I would like reviews from various sites to feature on the page as well as Instagram photos taken in the area from guests.

TripAdvisor, Facebook and Instagram would be most suitable for the site as visitors can read reviews and see the surroundings from Instagram.

Design Sketches

Here are my design sketches for the site.

They are done on a 960px wide template which is a good size for a website. Having these sketches to work from should be easier than trying to keep the entire design in my head while creating the site.

Client Questionnaire

My client questionnaire can be found here. I created a list of questions that should assist in the creation of my website. I used google forms to create the questionnaire as it was free and sign up was easy. It has a dynamic creation front end and the answers to the questions are stored by google. The questionnaire is also hosted by google.

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