Mickeygate — the truth!
Paul Mason

Well no one is perfect, nor any journalist innocent. Paul Mason it seems is a faithful friend to Robert Peston; the ultimate bankers’-shill-journalist. At least I assume so since he blocked me on Twitter for pointing him to:

Which starts:

”Peston, like a Münchhausen’s mother poisoning her toddler, spends five pages of a six page document feeding us the lie that ‘we all borrowed too much’, when he knows the truth to be that the banks recklessly lent out too much. Five pages of oxymoronically guilt-tripping everyone, except the bankers, over the collapse of the financial system. This is the consistent, persistent propaganda line he’s been pushing on BBC News for the last five years.

He blames you, me, your Granny, her poodle, and the regulators for the financial crisis. He even manages, while he’s blaming the regulators, to accuse us all of rampant consumption — he is a deceitful, lying, skilled propagandist in the pockets of …? I wonder who would have enough influence to get near BBC News, enough money to corrupt it, who would also benefit from these deceits?”


It is clear that Osborne and the whole of the Tory party is in the pockets of the banks, as is Ed Miliband, Ed balls and members of the former front bench, don’t be surprised to see them join companies who are members of the British Bankers association, as Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown have done. The first step will be “lecture fees” of tens of thousands of pounds for “discussing nice sounding things while saying nothing concrete” in nice hotels to junior bankers forced to attend, like Chinese supporters of the communist government are forced to wave banners, smiling and cheering.

Invisible Banks: Unseen authors


“The soft peddling on making the banks restore investment to the real economy showed us not only that, as most suspected, the Conservative Party was in the pockets of the banks, but that the LibDems were corrupted as well.

Miliband and Balls joined in with this silent re-write of history in removing the banks from the narrative of the deficit and debt. Suddenly absolutely no one was talking about how to reform the banks so that they repaired the damage they did to the economy. Instead, for the most of this parliament we have both sides of the Commons blaming the other; Cameron saying he was still cleaning up the mess left by Labour. Miliband saying it was all Cameron’s fault because the economy was actually growing before the Tories messed it up.

It’s a damnation of the media that no one is asking what the hell these three parties are playing at. It’s a damnation of the electorate that such deception is meekly accepted.”