65 women.

In Australia alone, 65 women have been killed by their partners this year.

65 women.

Let that sink in. I’m still trying to absorb it.

The current Australian government use the same fear tactics and shock treatment that most governments around the globe use. They use radical extremists & terrorists as a way to let the people know that we are “under threat” and they’ve “got it covered”.

But what about those 65 women?

The government may protect the Australian people from the “threat” of terrorism, but how many Australians have actually been killed by terrorists in the last year? It certainly isn’t 65.

When will the spotlight shine on the very real threat of domestic abuse? When will the notion that there are many more psychotic domestic abusers than there are people with bombs looking to launch an attack.

It’s an easy thing to just look outside of a nation for threats. The world is a scary place to most who don’t leave their homeland, but why isn’t the focus more on the very real threat of violence and killings within the local communities that everyone is a part of.

When will the government push for better legislation when it comes to protecting a woman fleeing her abusive husband.

When will there be a shift in consciousness that dilutes the notion that the only real threat we have is from outside of the country.

65 women are gone this year alone because of poor tactics in preventing domestic abusers.

I’m a feminist because I believe that 1 death from domestic abuse is a tragedy, but 65 is a crisis.

Something needs to shift.

Things need to change.

Lives need saving.

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