Academic disputes and posturing politicians can’t stop clean energy
Sarah Shanley Hope

Mark Z. Jacobson 100% WWS plan will never work. Wind and Solar due to their intermittent nature need storage and if they are to supply (as Jacobson says) the energy for PCM, pumped hydro and hydrogen and also supply electricity to the future grid the system will never work. Wind, Solar and Hydro are going to be affected by climate change causing extreme weather conditions already experienced in 2015 and 20116. Extended heatwaves (when electricity is most needed) have already shown wind lulls of more than a week, and hydro dams have run dry. The 1.5 trillion dollars to be spent on Germany’s Energiewende project is already showing signs of failure for those very reasons. We will need underground constructed advanced nuclear electricity in the clean energy mix of renewables to provide the energy security that is going to be required. Just have a look where Germany (in real-time) is and compare this with France, the UK and Ontario Canada. We are going to need all clean energies if we are going to be serious about saving this planet. With all the procrastination that is going on between scientist and politicians delaying what really needs to happen, we are currently going nowhere. I am happy to discuss this further.

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