Kindle App & Facebook Reading

Using the Kindle app to do the reading for my course is really simple to do. It’s as simple as downloading the add on to your web browser, which is done in 30s max, and downloading the Kindle app on the device you want to read on. Then whenever you find something that you want to read later on your computer, simply press the Kindle symbol in the top right hand corner of your browser and it will be there waiting for you on the device you want to use when you want to view it later, after a short download time.

The app is perfect for if you’re on the go, or don’t have the time to read something and want to come back to it later, making it incredibly useful.

As for the reading itself, ‘Who really controls what you see in your Facebook feed- and why they keep changing it’, I think it is potentially worrying for how invasive Facebook is/can be in our lives. The data it collects to use in it’s algorithms could be dangerous if Facebook suffered a severe hack or data leak. But I personally am not too worried, as I like how Facebook recommends things that might intrest me, as I get to see posts that I may have missed out on, and I have set my privacy settings to a level which I am comfortable at.