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This highgreen sign was found outside Laycock A Flat 3. It was stolen during Storthes Hall’s last open day, where prospective tennants look around to get a taste of what life at Storthes is like. It appears through some drunken antics, someone lifted it from the ground to use as some sort of trophy, but did not reach it’s final destination. Why you ask? We do not know, any theories are pure speculation, and to comment would not be accurate.

Due to it’s lack of ownership, it was commandered by the occupants of Laycock A Flat 5, who know display it proudly in their kitchen, along with an inflatable lion head on a sword, a traffic cone, a freshers sign and a beer keg, all acquired during drunken nights out. They are out to prove they are the best flat at Storthes, and are well on their way in proving this.

A stolen sign from an open day, who dunnit?