An understanding of how changes in technology impact on the way humans communicate, and the ethical issues that surround these changes

Technology has changed the world remarkably not only in the way we communicate to each other but in the way live. With the way we communicate mostly being through digital products it is hard to understand exactly what one is meaning when they communicate through technology. Yes, you get the general idea on what they are saying but you don’t get the feeling of they mean. Does this make sense?

Not only is it communicating to one and other that has been taken over by technology but bullying to. Bullying has made its way to the digital world and this is an issue, 1 in 3 young people have experienced cyber threats online. By not being able to understand the emotions of the bully it is hard to tell whether they are being sarcastic or not. Communicating through technology has its advantages and disadvantages. People all around the world are now connected this is great because now becoming in contact with family and friends (that are long overdue for a catch-up) is simple.

Personally I believe that communicating through technology has its positives and negatives. It has impacted the world no matter what race, gender, location, SES etc. I believe that technology has given everyone a voice whether it be finding information or expressing political views there is part of the internet for everyone. Obviously technology is forever growing; ethically every Netizen (citizen of the internet) needs to make sure that internet as whole grows in a safe and ethical way. This needs to be achieved in order for everyone to appreciate what the technological world has to offer.

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