All In Some Night…

All in some night, let’s say, I want to forget about the ballet of the oceans, the whirling of the world through time and space, forget everything I know about Shakespearian lovers, patriotic saints, and white sails under a lunar crest. Forget the wind’s impossible melodies strung out in such a way they become the kind of harmony only poets are asked to observe.

All in some night, let’s say, don’t wait to be romantic, or sincere. I want to wake up and think: To hell with that. I want to know all the dribbling’s of erotic fun. I want some depraved pleasure before I die, something so wild, so unlike me the world will roll sideways in disgust. I want to get drunk on mischief. I want to hold you in that indescribable hour between the mundane and heaven, throw you to the couch and show you how fallen angels do things. I want to be everything to you.

All in some night, let’s say, join me mid-ocean in a row-boat and not in my bed. Pull up your silk skirt, let your hair fall, want me in a hundred ways. Help me forget the pain of your absence, of a woman’s body, a child’s tears, and let’s just get dirty on the tide.


All in some night, let’s say, I want to remember the precious wealth of your heart, the lightning of your look when I did wrong, the noonday bath in the ocean, the huddle afterwards, somewhere deep and warm. The dances you danced, the glowing patience of your child raising.

All in some night, let’s say, bring me back to the truth within your body and soul.

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