Here’s Why The Indian Education System doesn’t make any sense

Examinations have been here forever although, the first country to implement a nationwide standardized test was ancient China. Called as the imperial examination, established by the Sui Dynasty in 605 AD, it was meant to select able candidates for specific governmental positions.

You see, exams were created to check if you were qualified enough. But today, exams are one of the more ways people judge you as a person. Ever here the following sentence before ?-

Just 70% in Science ? You should be at the top of your class at this stage. If you have high aspirations. You must have high grades.

Here’s what happened with me once-

So in my science mid-term exams I got 70%(about average for my class). Not a bad score for most people. But In this part of the world 70% means;

  1. No Computer Science In Class XI
  2. No good College is ever going to talk to you. ( If you apply for CS)
  3. Your teachers are not going to take you seriously

70% also means

  1. That Child Never studies, He must be indulging in immoral.
  2. He is never going to do anything with his life
  3. Ha! Stupid.

Now, How is this supposed supposed to make any sense?

For eg. To study Computers Science I have to score marks in a subject that has nothing to do with computer science and on top of that ,Computer science,which is one of the fastest growing industries, is not even included in the report card. let alone , be given credit for.

Now I am not bragging here but . not once, have I ever applied the following principles in programming:-

  1. The features of the Amoeba cell
  2. Reaction of Hydrochloric acid in water
  3. Difference between Phloem and Xylem tissues

Now I am expected to score the best possible in a subject which I will almost certainly never use in my professional career, And on top of this students scoring 90% feel like failures and let-downs.

The Solution

So my point is , that If you really want this nation to prosper, bring in new ideas or just in general, make an impact, You have to start with the students, Listen to what they have to say. I am not talking about sweet talking scholars who score an A+ at every exam. I am talking about every student be given a platform to share and talk about his ideas.

Because everybody is special.

Thanks for reading,