The agony of being an Arsenal FAN

Yes. I am an Arsenal FAN, a Gooner. I love the club, the culture, the philosophy, the players, Mr. Wenger and all of it. I like the thought of ‘Victory Through Harmony’ that reflects in the playing style. Perhaps in patches. And these patches are usually during the unimportant period of the season. What about the period where it demands a stern character? A fighting character, a character which inspires others, which shows the fire inside you. Arsenal doesn't have any of this. Is this Wenger’s stubbornness? Does he not realise that his approach to the modern game has become obsolete? Yes, when it comes to the balance sheet, Arsenal is doing some good business. But what about the trophies? FA cup doesn't count when you've been winning it for consecutive years. Every season they give you a hope. And the standing remains the same in the month of May.

So yes, it’s not just the players who suffer from the downfalls. It’s also us. As a FAN, it does affect my behaviour in the social surrounding. I don’t like to talk to anybody, don’t even feel like working. I've had sleepless nights after those mid-night game losses. Had fights with my friends and family. I feel like a part of the club and even I suffer with its sufferings.

I am ready to bear all of this. But there has to be a fight. A fight for the title and not the fourth spot. A season where hope is converted into reality.