At times letting go for a good reason does more good than holding tight for no reason.

I read this on Goodreads. Such sound words, aren’t they?

This wisdom arrived late in my life. Probably years after I had my most intense breakup.

So, have I mastered this wisdom now?

I am not sure yet. Because for me, it’s no big deal of advice — It’s overused, over popular, and nothing novel about it. Good for temporary mind-shift from the pain of heartbreak, but not something for long-term relief.

If not that, then what’s the big deal? …

SEO is one of the most trending topics in the digital sphere right now. I don’t think if there is anyone who hasn’t been bitten by the SEO bug.

Be it bloggers, internet-marketers, salespeople, engineers, entrepreneurs, or even small/big institutions, almost everyone is diving in the vast sea of digital marketing, hoping for a secret formula that could turn their business/website into a goldmine by landing it on the first page of Google.

Nobody wants to get stuck on the later pages of the search engine, as someone rightly said, “ The best place to hide a dead body is…

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Going through a breakup or separation is no cake-walk. Even the wisest minds and the strongest hearts often fail to sail through it.

In my case, being on a little emotionally-sensitive side, breakups have always been a bad deal to me. Not just they were always been extremely painful to get over, but when they started to take over other areas of my life, they became equally frustrating too.

Irrespective of the duration and intensity of relationships I had been into, if they ended against my wishes, they surely took a major toll on my life by negatively impacting me…

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Let’s start this on a good note. And what could be a better way to initiate this by letting you know that I love you social media. I really do.

I have nothing against you. I admire you for all the perks you have provided to our generation by letting people connect within a fraction of seconds. Gladly, now people don’t have to burn their fuel by roaming around their crush’s house just to have a single glimpse of them. Facebook search has made it so easy for everyone now. Isn’t that a clear advantage ’20s people have over us…


When I was a child my father gifted me a phone, and it goes without saying that I was elated to hold that in my hands. And then, he asked me “Are you happy now?”

Without missing any moment I shouted, ‘YESSSS I am’.

Why wouldn’t I? After all, I was the first one amongst my friends to own a phone and that too with a color display. (Remind you, that used to be a big thing in the early '20s)

And the feeling of excitement was the same when he gifted me my first bike. Then the same question…

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I still remember mine; it was the summer of 2007. On returning home after finishing my last exam, my result was already waiting there for me.

No, not the academic one, life’s result. Honestly, at that point, this result mattered more than any of the results combined.

The existence of my relationship was on test. Somehow, I sensed the arrival of the breakup but still hoped for things to turn out otherwise. After all, I ‘thought’ I was in love, it was my first relationship, and for the upcoming 20–30 years everything was perfectly planned for both of us.


loneliness after a breakup
loneliness after a breakup

Let’s call it over

The clock hit little past midnight and honestly, it’s the last thing I was expecting to hear from her.
Also, I would be lying if I say ours was a perfect relationship. But! Whose is?

Indeed, there were some rough patches and misunderstanding that had built up in our relationship with time, but a breakup? Never crossed my mind….Followed with a brief moment of clattered silence, we put down our hopes, and of course the phone, and called it a day.

The next morning there was no call to wake me up or any good…

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An avid self-talker|Blogger | Spiritual but not religious| Exploring innerself|Cancerian|

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