Digital Marketing: High time to be the part of Digital World

It’s rightly said that it matters more that how good you want to be rather than how good you are.

I am working mother having decent salary in Service based IT industry. But I keep on questioning myself that am I happy with my career? Is this what I want to do in my life for next 20–30 years? I am one of those ignorant people who has not yet discovered what that area will be which interest me more. So that my work will not remain a 9 to 5 job but my passion where I really want to devote my time and energy.

One day my husband told me about digital marketing. First I didn’t pay much attention thinking I hardly get time after my office, looking after my daughter and household work. So it will be difficult for me to find extra time to learn any new thing. Also I don’t have any marketing experience .Later I Google search about this topic and started developing interest in this. I come to know that an average person spend nearly 2 hours per day on social media and its increasing day by day. Knowingly or unknowingly we all are playing our part in digital marketing world either as customer, marketer, leads or being part of survey/research. Our free social media accounts data play important role here. So then I decided to see the digital world through the lens of marketer .And Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program become my partner in crime to explore this billion dollar industry.

Yes, inspite of so many excuses, I have enrolled myself in online digital marketing course by Udacity. And what I find that if you have interest you will somehow manage your priority. So this does not falls under regular study category where we have to learn the bookish knowledge. It’s all about what I love to do, exploring , browsing , reading great contents , how best social media can be used Facebook , twitter , even watching interesting advertisement videos etc. :D

I must say, I am happy with my decision to be part of this digital world from Udacity. So far I am amazed by the course structure and details, exposing us to real world marketing, in prompt mentor support, project experiences and not to forget getting chance of live interactions with marketing experts. All at the comfort of home and flexible time.

Let’s see what the Digital future has for me but as I said in the beginning it matters more how good I want to be. Don’t be static in your life. Keep learning. I am doing the same.

Please like, comment your view, obstacle and what you are doing to be best. And if you are interested in digital world and want to learn then can explore more on Udacity digital marketing course here: