Just-in-time Anger Management Using Artificial Intelligence

Literature conveys human experience to younger generations. Imagine assigning a piece of literature to an individual word.

For instance, what if every time you heard the word, “who,” you remembered Augie March saying, ”Shift change! On the job.”

And upon hearing “do” you imagined The Great Gatsby saying, “Privileged. Not the only one.”

For “think” you might imagine Taylor Swift singing about “A well of deep sadness.”

“You” might evoke “See it change. A rarity,” something that Holden Caulfield might have said in “Catcher in the Rye.”

Finally, “are” could evoke Huckleberry Finn saying “Aren’t you? Unmanageable!”

Okay! Let’s put it all together. Somebody cries out, “Who do you think you are?” Are you Augie March, Jay Gatsby, Taylor Swift, Holden Caulfield, or Huckleberry Finn? Say what one of them might have said!

Personally, I would pick “Shift change! On the job.”

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