Remember where you came from…

February 17, 2016 by Hart Steen · Leave a Comment (Edit)

Its been said before to me, “Always remember where you came from” and I’ve been spending quite some time recently reflecting on that. Trying to go back, like.. WAY back.. To the beginning. First to the wild. The wilderness, with a silence so deafening your afraid if you shut your eyes at night, it will all go quiet and you’re not sure, if it does, that you’ll have the courage to open them again. We, Mankind, grew up through Africa spreading North and Eastward, trading, settling, building societies that would give us language, art, arithmetic, philosophy and science. Always seeking the protection we would need to comprehend a life that’s not just desperate to survive but one that desires to thrive… We waded our way though barbarian expansion and the dark ages of Europe… Through the crusades, Spanish inquisition, slave trade, founding of the new world, or rather, the stealing of it. The witch hunts, Revolutionary and Civil wars, our hunger for expansion Westward. We, in America, shuddered through southern lynching’s and civil rights, with blacks being pushed through the mud, only to deal with border protection and Hispanics being forced to work in it. We have a religious right that is more concerned about someone taking a drag then a homosexual being dragged by a car and a liberal left so focused on keeping their jobs that they are unable to ever accomplish anything truly meaningful with them. I’ve come to realize that history is not built solely on the shoulders of great men but often in the blood on their hands. We haven’t found what we are looking for and maybe we never will.

To remember where you came from isn’t to stay the same in the present and forget where you’re going in the future. Its an invitation to do what we have been doing all along. Its an opportunity to be courageous. To no longer be doomed to repeat the same thing over and over but to explore what’s around that next bend. To create, invent, discover. To build, tear down, and rebuild higher, longer, wider, deeper. To fail miserably, wake up the next day and do it all over again. All the while knowing that as long as your heart beats, you’re committed to expanding its capacity to love and care not only for yourself, but for others. To treat them not only as you would like to be treated but as they would like to be treated. Knowing true respect isn’t based on your opinion but allowing room for theirs. We have come so far and still have so far to go. If we are responsible, remain compassionate and stand with humility in the face of our differences, we have a shot at retaining all that is wonderful about this world… a child’s laugh, a mother’s faith, a fathers tear as he gives his daughter away. The rush of joy when you finally make it up the mountain and the peace you get as you sit there and look out on a mid day thunderstorm. A purple sunset and virgin blue sunrise. The first kiss with, and the last breath of… the one you love. These are the beautiful things, the true and righteous things. Things, not of legend, but of legacy. What we must always remember we came from because lets face it, history ain’t so bad… AND.. it ain’t so good either.