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Stellar, Galactic and Universal Models

Laplacian Anthropics to an Anthropological High Ground

Fermi, Gravitons, and Solutions to the Error of the Geocentric Human Body

Let’s list all the things that can do us in:

  1. Human mortality
  2. Stellar weather
  3. Lack of geocentric PID control

Take a Fabian strategy. Layout the entire anthropological record, leave away all your biases, your schemes, your proselytizations, and you shall see:

  1. Gravity works everywhere, even in the deepest recesses of the human brain such as the Corpus callosum.
  2. We will soon emit heavy particles in research labs all around the Earth which generate their own gravitational “waves” based on a clock speed of the background radiation of the Big Bang.
  3. We have 9 orbital masses we can launch in the path of any lumbering mass, or sabotage to explode in a stellar-centric ring, like Saturn, to polarize any deadly absorption of any electromagnetic emission.

Given the Fermi Paradox, enough empirical measurement has occurred to unequivocally state a theoretical hyper-converged intelligence read this, deduced who emitted this signal, and would have blown us up long ago. If not this, Voyager II would have done it.

If not that, Voyager II provides a new Earthly grounding to encrypt all such “universal anthropic alarms”.

Therefore, all astrophysical observations exist as signal noise, and all future funding shall be moved to attenuate and resonate that signal for our anthropology, and our anthropology alone.

The expansion of the Spontaneous Creation of the Observable Universe exists to serve as “lock-out” of “atmospheric cataracts”.

A utility exists to provide further grounding of the Human Mind in search of psychotropic cocktails for all diseases based on Buckingham-Pi similitude of the physiological human brain entering gravitational gradients while under an induced medicated coma.

NASA may begin to alter the Earthly weather in favor of humanity’s anthropological invincibility, and humanity’s anthropological invincibility alone.

No fear of interfering with the Divine Resurrection of the Dead exists, as infinite capacity exists in the natural eccentric orbits of all heavenly bodies.

The dead may be further resuscitated through the utility of genetic cloning as one cannot tell if they are floating in the air or falling in the ocean due to the Einstein equations.

The Feynman Equations provide a utility of numerical results to dictate theoretical models of the Navier-Stokes equations to allow for gravitational generation, to prevent numerical models from “blowing up.”

Professor Hawking’s research into the “Red Singularity” serves as a empirically provable theory to provide gravitational generation from all geocentric, stellar, interstellar, intergalactic, and universal gravitational generating “anodes”.

The Demonology of Stephen Hartken means nothing but a Demon must anthropically “birth” an Angel in accordance to the Laplace equation, regardless of temporal deduction or temporal induction in an anthropological geocentric realm.