The Future of Hartland Township

A map and a movie theater signal our path to 2035

Bill Fountain, Township Supervisor:

Last year I kicked off my township update at the Hartland Area Chamber of Commerce by talking about being Business Friendly. I was proud to list the new businesses that had opened in Hartland. This year, new business alone is not enough. Business Friendly is not enough.

Last fall, the township hired an internationally-recognized planning firm to help the Board of Trustees and the Planning Commission guide Hartland toward the year 2035 by growing a residential and retail community that met with our “family friendly, business friendly, friendly by nature” goals.

Gibbs Planning Group spent several months compiling data, researching, and surveying residents.

It’s very easy for us to say we don’t want to be known as another faceless M-59 corridor city…but it’s harder to know what Hartland CAN be without knowing our township’s true potential.

Gibbs Retail Market Analysis on Hartland’s potential was enormously positive. The report highlighted the township’s strong demographics (“Incomes of those within Hartland Township’s primary trade area far exceed county and state levels”) and unique geographic location, which offers regional access via M-59 and US23.

Hartland residents currently spend approximately $360 million per year on retail sales, of which approximately 60% leaves Hartland Township. Gibbs analysis indicated that we have a potential increase in NEW local sales of $35 million dollars annually. By 2025 retail and restaurant developments could generate $43 million in new sales; and by 2035 they could generate $50.7 million in sales.

We are on the right track to reach our potential:

1) Current customers of Hartland Township businesses travel to Hartland, even though they can obtain the same goods and services closer to their homes. They told Gibbs’ team they like look of Hartland’s architecture and landscaping. They feel it is a better, safer alternative and provides a friendlier shopping experience.

2) Millennial’s (individuals born between 1981–1996) are looking for a walk-able lifestyle development that meshes with their retail and shopping needs. They want to experience a retail center and they want a gathering place to meet-up with friends (and to take along their dog!). We have the space to make this ‘experience’ happen.

3) Emagine Theatre is and will continue to be a key piece of our future development. It is the destination attraction that proves to other upscale dining and retail establishments that Hartland can draw and sustain quality businesses. Emagine Theatre is proof to retail planners that we have what it takes — that Hartland is not only Business Friendly, but big-league BUSINESS READY.

>>VIEW the Emagine-Township Video HERE


We know that residents are concerned about township growth. The Board of Trustees and the Planning Commission are committed to Hartland’s current and future green initiatives, and to our residents’ vision of rural, outdoor living with access to quality schools and cultural opportunities. Gibbs’ analysis helped to define the path that will bring our residents and businesses toward being a community that holds on to what is important and meaningful, while reaching out to the careful changes that will ensure our township’s high quality of life.

Because Hartland is more than friendly; we are ready for the future.


Questions? Contact Bill Fountain at Township Hall at 810.632.7498