60% of financial professionals on Harvest Exchange believe Clinton will be better for the U.S. economy

OCTOBER 19, 2016

Harvest Exchange Oct 9–14

- On Harvest Exchange, 60% vs. 40% of financial professionals believe Clinton will be better for the economy after the second presidential debate.
- More hedge funds and wealth managers thought Trump would be better for the economy.
- More family offices, academics, software providers and investment bankers voted for Clinton.

New York, NY — With the presidential election less than a month away, 60% of financial professionals believe Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be better for the U.S. economy than Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Those polled on Hvst.com voted for Clinton after the second presidential debate performance on October 9th, at Washington University in St. Louis.

Two-thirds of financial professionals working at Hedge Funds voted for Trump to be better for the economy as President. And an overwhelming eighty percent of wealth managers think Trump would also be a better pick for the economy. Family offices were a close second to voting for Clinton, with seventy-five percent favoring the former Senator to be better for the U.S. economy.

Additional financial professional, including private equity professionals and investment bankers weighed in on the Harvest Exchange poll, the majority voting for Trump and Clinton respectively.

Bottom line:

While the poll was close, more financial professionals felt Clinton would be the better candidate to lead the U.S. economy forward in a positive direction.

Survey methods:

Results of this Harvest poll was based on a poll question conducted Oct. 9–14, 2016, on the website. The survey was based on a random sample of 52 financial professionals, that were 18 years or older, living in the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

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