The story so far……..
Steve Pankhurst

This was a brilliant site for catching up with lost friends and will be sadly missed.

What was especially great for me was the fact that you could search by school name and by year of attendance and all these names came flooding back that had been long forgotten. It would evoke such powerful long lost memories from my childhood. Even the girls original maiden names were included which was a nice touch.

I moved away from my home town in my 20’s and F.R. enabled me to make contact with a few old schoolmates and rekindle friendships some 20 years later that had long been forgotten.

I also liked looking at the photos and wished there were more from my time at school (pre-mobile phone days) but it was just comforting to see familiar names and reading about these people who I went to school many moons ago to know what they were doing in their lives.

I know people talk about Facebook etc as a replacement but you have to remember names and then track them down if you want to communicate. Friends Reunited was a central place that had many of your school mates (and at that time your enemies too) all in the one place and just the site of a familiar name could provoke a memory in me.

So for me this is a genuinely sad news as earlier this year my local childhood school was finally knocked down. Everything is disappearing and changing at a fast pace these days and along with it goes my personal history and memories…..

RIP Friends reunited….