7 Reasons You Need a Sarong in Your Suitcase

Summer is here, which means it’s time to start thinking about restocking your wardrobe and your suitcase ahead of any travels you may be making ahead of going abroad — and there are a number of reasons as to why sarongs will make perfect additions to your summer collection, particularly if you are heading to hotter climes in the weeks and months ahead. Whether you’re buying gifts for friends, a sarong for yourself or a butterfly sarong to help you to dress to impress on the beach, we have the reasons as to why you should seriously consider adding them to your basket.

They’ll help you cool off in the heat

Loose-fitting sarongs that can be fitted to all sizes will help you cool off easier in intense heats, meaning that you can leave more restrictive clothing behind.

Styles and designs to match your own personal flair

Our superb sarong and butterfly sarong collections come in a wide range of colours, designs and styles, meaning that you can show off your personality in comfort and with confidence.

They make fantastic gifts

If you’re looking for summer gifts for friends that enjoy jet-setting or relaxing in the heat, a sarong or sarong wrap will help them look great and beat the heat with ease.

They can help you drink in the culture

Outfits built around a sarong or sarong wrap are commonly found out East, meaning that if you are travelling to Dubai or the surrounding regions you can rest easy that you’ll look great and will blend in with the local culture with ease.

They’re ideal for the beach

While you may find that you need to dress comfortably for the beach if you’re not ready to equip yourself in a bikini, a sarong makes for ideal, comfortable beach attire that’s versatile and gives plenty of respite from the sun.

Men and Women can wear them

From a sarong wrap to a butterfly sarong, both genders can include them as part of their summer outfits with ease.

They’re versatile and flexible

Whether you’re at the beach, hitting the town, are poolside or simply need to cool off, a sarong wrap can be arranged and worn in an array of different styles, making them ideal gifts for friends who travel and a superb addition to your suitcase.

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