I’ve realised that there was a negative vein running through my blogs, so the full intention of putting internet pen to paper today was to say something a bit more cheery because — and I think I’ve said this before — Makers is great and probably rates among my all time good decisions.

But then, I’ve had a bit of a bad day. It’s programming, man. It gives and it taketh away. It can be so damn satisfying… it can make you feel like the smartest sentient being to crawl from the soup. Oh my God, you’ll proclaim to the nearest deity, have you seen what I’ve done? The intricate weaving of numbers and characters, the creation of a digital blanket that lovingly both takes in and outputs exactly what you asked.

But then, boy, it taketh away. The simplest of simple things is not working, but you just did it yesterday, and it’s exactly the bloody same as this example you’re looking at on Stack Overflow and there is simply no reason that it shouldn’t be working and oh my deity, why isn’t it even outputting the right type of object? I shouldn’t even be checking object types (it’s arbitrarily bad). And you feel so powerfully stupid.

I had one of those days today. At my lowest ebb, a layer of obfuscation dropped from my eyes and I saw how much I had left to learn. Well done, said my brain, you can make an object pass a message to another object. You can place your ship in the Battleships arena and watch as you poke commands at it until it sinks. But you still don’t really know what an object is, do you? You still only know that one hash method that you try to get to do everything you’ll ever need from a hash. You still don’t know how to stop the most basic of security flaws in your swiss-cheese programs. You still, my brain finishes cruelly, suck.

So maybe I’ll do a positive blog tomorrow.

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