Computer Programming: How Variables work 

Easy computer programming tutorial for beginners on working with variables.

What is a ‘Variable’ in computer programming?

Image a box.

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Type of a variable

Although you can give your variable box any name you want, the value it can hold can only be of a certain type.

Type of value must equal the type of variable

Like a wooden “toy box” in the real world, a variable box can be one of several types — mainly the 8 primitive data types.

  1. char — A variable of data type char can hold a single character.
  2. double — A variable of data type double can hold decimal value integer.

Naming a variable

Of course you can give it any kind of name you want, however, it is good code practice to begin the name [of a variable] with only the first letter written in small letters.

For example: I can declare a variable of type int and give it a name: “evenNumber” or “oddNumber” or just “number”.

int evenNumber;

Finally, how to use a variable in an actual program.

A) You must declare the variable

Declaring a variable simply means to define it by giving it a name and a type.

You have just learnt this. Here is another example:

Assigning a value to a variable is done through ‘assignment statements’.

This is easy.


Let’s see what you have learnt so far. Use the comments section to submit your answers!

  1. Declare a variable of type char and assign it the value of the 9th letter of the alphabet.
  2. Declare a variable and assign it with the highest score of 13.5 in a game of Tetris.

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