First-ever Lightning Network hackathon in Japan: “Offchain Academy Hackday”: Report

Overview of Event

Ideathon & Implementation

Second half of Day 1 — First half of Day 2: Implementation


The Judges: Kurimoto of Nayuta, Azuchi of chaintope and Moss of IndieSquare from the left
  1. Combination of hardware and LN. Pay-as-you-use hardware.
  2. Implemented hair dryer which can be charged each 10 second with LN. Demo successful.
  3. Using RasberryPi, the plug was hacked, improved so that on/off switch responds to LN payments.
  1. Influencer ad using LN
  2. The current influencer ad model has the problem long cycle from appearance of ad to payment, and advertisers have hard time planning in details click-by-click.
  3. By using LN, it seems possible to have detailed and fast, click-by-click receiving and payment of ad revenue.
  4. By using implementation of Lit, utilized push-type issuing of invoice

The result of review

General Comment




ブロックチェーンを次のステージへ The Blockchain Studio based in Tokyo

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ブロックチェーンを次のステージへ The Blockchain Studio based in Tokyo

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