Hash Rush Art: Concept to Reality

It’s been a little while since we updated you with some of the behind-the-scenes action from the development of Hash Rush, however, we’re pleased to now be able to show you a few new stills and show you the continued progress we’ve been making.

The team has been hard at work adding new buildings, upgrading textures and taking all new concepts and making them a reality. So here are a few updates from the team, with more to be showcased in the coming weeks.

Unique Architecture

With the need for a unified look and feel for the buildings, we decided to explore just what the unique architectural style of the Ernacks would look like. Our concept artist Nicholas sat down and dived into what this would exactly look like.

“When creating the new look we took into consideration the jovial personalities of the Ernacks, merging this with their less intrusive approach to their surrounding environment. We wanted to merge these two points to really showcase their architectural design.” — Nicholas Ng Hanyang, Concept Artist

Here is a taste of what the future Ernak buildings will look like.

The upper buildings are the Ernacks’ hut, below that, you’ll find the woodcutter building - one you’ll no doubt be familiar with as you build your resources.

Flora: a rich, diverse ecosystem

When conceptualising the overall look of the environment, we wanted there to be a diverse world of flora and fauna. Being gamers ourselves, we wanted to ensure that the aesthetics of these worlds contained a wide variety of environments that will appeal to varying visuals and that remain diverse enough to not be stale.

You’ll notice a rich palatte of colour in the flora, this encompasses the diverse ecosystem of the Ernacks world.

However, venture to different regions on the planet and you’ll be greeted by a different type of flora completely. These darker, mysterious trees have a more sinister feel to them.

Meet your neighbours: NPC’s

We noticed some queries on Discord and our forums regarding NPC’s, well, we’re happy to be able to show you a glimpse at two of the NPC’s you’ll encounter while playing the game. On the left we have Kharaky and to the right we have Toad.

These two are currently neutral NPCs however, as time goes we’ll introduce you to a few more NPC’s you’re likely to encounter as you play.

“I’m a big fan of NPC’s and the more unique the better. I’ve always found that this only further adds to my overall immersion in an ecosystem, environment and/or story.” — Matthew Chuen, Online Marketing Manager

Tweaks and Improvements

There are a lot of factors that go into creating a game, however, the team at Tractor Set Go! are forever thriving to update and improve both the look and feel of the 3D models.

“The visual fidelity of our 3D graphics is always a big concern for us, so, whenever we find something we feel we could improve, we will.” —Adrian, Art Director

Monster Den: Concept to 3D Model

As we mentioned earlier, the design process is one that has many stages, but ultimately every model in the game starts its life as an idea. From this we create multiple versions of concept art and really assess the look we’re going for and how it relates to the environment and the faction. Once we’ve solidified a 2D concept and we feel it’s ready to progress from the “exploration phase” we start work on producing a 3D model.

As you can see, the team are great at taking that initial flat image and turning it into a living, breathing part of the Hash Rush universe!

Well, that’s all from this update, we’d love to hear what you think, so feel free to drop us a message below! Also, keep an eye out for some more announcements in the coming weeks — we’ll be filling you in with more information on the game itself, lore, and lots more!

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