New kids on the Blockchain — Casual Connect 2018

The Hash Rush team was on the ground in London, England for an amazing Industry event

For those of you that don’t know what Casual Connect is, it’s a gaming industry event that spans over three days. With massive names like Unity, Square-enix, Zynga and NaturalMotion attending, there were a lot of people to impress! Thankfully, Hash Rush did just that!

We’ve come away from this event with an amazing amount of feedback from the industry, from people being amazed by what we’re doing to those who instantly fell in love with our art style (they were artists too! So that’s an amazing compliment).

Stay tuned for this teaser video dropping soon!

We were not the only blockchain game there however, there were people from some of the other amazing companies in the space there too! Notably augmented reality game ‘Reality Clash’, Space-based MMO ‘Crypto Space Commander’ and a little collectable game you may have heard of called ‘CryptoKitties’.

The interest was constant!

Speaking to the guys from all these companies was not only a privilege but also incredibly humbling to think that they were aware of what we were doing and that they were excited to see us launch.

Thankfully, we’ve got our Alpha coming up, so the first few to get their emails in will be contacted closer to the time — so don’t forget to sign up below!

With a huge array of sectors under one roof, we were all really humbled that so many people found the game beautiful, fun to play and we’ve definitely made some friends, fans and garnered some attention.

Ernack Candy!

So, until the next blog! Hash Rush out!

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