Speed Thrills, but it kills — No I don’t think so

There’s a saying that speed thrills but it kills, most will accept it, but I don’t. I simply disagree with a statement to the above. Speed is fun, no one can say no. So let it happen fast and enjoy the thrill.

When it comes to the speed, most of the sports today is all about speed. Ever seen how Usain Bolt did 100m under 10 seconds or Susanthika covered 200m in 21 seconds ? That’s extraordinary and sensational to watch. Even when you sit back and watch them race, you get the adrenaline rush throughout your body. It’s one amazing experience. Is Cricket also about speed ? Why not, team scores faster or take wickets faster walks with the trophy. At the end of the day its speed that wins.

When it comes to my context, as a big F1 fan, I watch too much of F1 races so that my YouTube suggestions are nothing but F1 videos. It’s a sport I would love to tryout one day, knowing that it’s damn expensive (I know, I should earn fast). I live 26 km far from Kandy, I easily cover 400 km per week. All that comes to my mind when driving is F1. The way I handle the steering and the way I accelerate, decelerate is all about F1. I dream myself to be another Nico or a Hamilton. With a lot of effort when I’m doing 140 kmph, I feel like I’m living. From deep within, I’m feeling awesome, like a child in a candy castle.

All these feelings were overwhelming me, until that day. Yes, till that dark day of my life. I was driving down the highway, I was doing nearly 90 kmph and I was having the glory of chasing a SUV down the line. As all F1 drivers to I was bumper to bumper with him, waiting for the straight to come to take him down. Though I didn’t have DRS, I was pretending as it was there. Suddenly I saw a stray dog jumping to the road, without giving my any room the SUV guy stepped on the brake. Even before I take my foot off the gas, I crashed into the SUV. As I was crashing time slowed down, like if I’m on some kind of drug. I saw his read windshield scatter into pieces. Within a fraction of a second, the show was over when a black screen covered my view, it was the hood of my car. My mind was swamping with thoughts. All my high speed sensations were shattered as his rear windshield.

Then and there, the reality struck me as I was patiently waiting for police to arrive. I was wondering where’s my helmet, where’s my racing glows and where’s my carbon fiber shell and the roll cage? I had nothing. Well, that’s my special condition to the term “speed thrills but it kills, if you don’t use proper equipment, tools and necessary training”. Without them, you’ll be an easy kill shot for the speed. Once the safety measures were set, with proper equipment and tools, you can get all of that thrill giving them nothing.

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