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Investors may not choose you..

humans wanted to connect from ages. People are trying open up in various forms by trying to reach others people who like to share their ideas , views or passions where they get great personal satisfaction or possibly to make great things happen for better successful life..

Today’s technology is rapidly changing at a very fast pace more then we imagined ever.Everything in this world is right at our fingertips. There are large no of apps to connect us, and all the young aspiring entrepreneurs are hungry to meet right people with everything unfortunately nothing is happening .Every one is still in waiting or trying mode to meet that MR.right who is willing to write a big fat cheque.. let’s not forget tech conferences and other such social gatherings hosted by some fancy people with large fan base who are busy with arranging speeches and meetings from top 500 CEO’s or other great people who are working for them as team or VC’s etc by selling tickets to hundreds of people to make the event grand success and all our great young aspiring entrepreneurs are busy with booking tickets to fly down to such events and slowly realising that only less than one percent of them are benefiting.Also some times very less innovative products will be selected & here a simple point we need to first understand - Pezman Nozad who offered their lucky office in palo alto to facebook team in 2005 also received an opportunity to invest in facebook $49,998.04. where he received wire instructions and some papers to do signatures with decent attractive stake but Pezman Nozad couldn’t see the forest through the trees & just missed the great rocket ship called facebook by not investing

how ever such things can’t be avoided .

We are in almost in 2017. There are many young and wise entrepreneurs with great potential looking to connect with people who are willing to invest or vice versa.. it’s common that people with right connections are only able to get good investments.The world has changed so much but still have some problems unresolved.even let’s not forget angelList with lot of potential people but unable to satisfy everyone needs due to huge positive response so still need right connections to start off which is eating away all our valuable time, It’s becoming even more and more complicated to be discovered by right people so we need some serious change so we need a right platform with right strategy to make things simple & straightforward within our reach , so I believe our life has already become hard and complex so now i don’t want to use my intelligence or marketing strategy on you but just decided to be straight forward with you i.e. hashmeet has solved this problem making it simple & easy to pitch in your own skin & it’s new type of social network or lifestyle app.. but dedicatedly designed to connect people of exactly same interests only , i personally feel this is need of the hour for all entrepreneurs & investors out there who are looking for each other so if you also feel right about this just forward to every one who deserve to know..