3 Online Video Ad Insights That Every Marketeer Should Know

In 2017, video will be 74% of all internet traffic with viewers across the globe consuming a billion hours of YouTube alone everyday. But what does this mean for today’s brands & advertisers?

It means, it’s important to truly connect with today’s video-guzzling consumers by breaking traditional creative molds to excite viewers to watch.

Knowing these 3 insights might help you to do just that!

1. We Watch On Many Screens, Simultaneously.

Gone are the days when entire families huddled around the family television to watch nightly episodes of Kothao Keu Nai. Today, adults & teens alike use multiple devices to consume video, mostly using their smartphones as a second screen while watching TV at home. Hence it’s important to,

a. Create a content & media plan that considers the unique viewing behaviors on TV & web

b. Build content that seamlessly connects dots of the same story, message or idea as viewers move & shift between large & small screens.

Here’s the TV commercial featuring our favorite, accidental samurai Mr. Bean..
..& here’s the complementary, made-for-web version showing other bits of the core story.

Check out how Snickers did this with these TV & online ads!

2. If Your Ad Is Short, Make It Punchy!

How do you effectively send your message to millennials & teens cluttered with content all the time? Here are some creative choices that usually deliver a higher viewing rate & better brand recall across platforms.

a. Ensure that the key message, USP or call-to-action is delivered right away, preferably within the first 5 seconds. Check out how Mercedes-Benz delivered a punchy, simple & effective message in just 0–4 seconds (or less)

Who wouldn’t love a Mercedes-Benz, or urm effective ads of it.

b. Identify innate, key attributes of your brand’s personality & use it to set a tone that helps viewers resonate with your brand & the video right away. It could be humor, suspense or in the case of Tasty, ‘delicious!’

Tasty sets the mouth-watering tone right away

c. Tease your viewers by giving them bite-sized pieces of the main content, offer or grand reveal through shorter, teasing content. Lastly, connect it all with a relevant call-to-action. Loved how Netflix gave its Orange Is The New Black fans a proper teaser here.

“When do we get to watch the whole episode!?”

3. The “Unskippable” Connects Deepest

Who doesn’t remember the timeless Battir Raja Phillips commercial of old?

However as consumers’ lives become more cluttered with content & choice, it’s harder for brands to stand out & form deep connections with viewers today. Luckily however, if your content & story is relevant, educational or inspiring enough, viewers will not skip and instead engage with your entire story & form strong brand association and recall.

While there aren’t any “rules” to making a video ad “unskippable”, here are some creative choices that can help you.

a. Enthrall your audience by peeking their intrigue, humor or passion.

b. Teach your viewers values that are transformative & life-changing.

Pepsi, this is how you do it.

c. Inspire them by being timeless, empathetic & heart-warming.

This recent ad from Pakistan had heart, empathy and best of all Biriyani!

All these examples have either one or all of the above qualities.

To sum up, remember

1. We watch on multiple screens, simultaneously, so plan accordingly
2. If you are making short ads, keep it punchy & add call-to-action
3. The “unskippable” helps you connect deepest with your consumer

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