Something, something, dark side

Well, here I am.

Sitting here in the middle of a coffee shop, working on my videos, thinking about life….

I don’t have anything special today or any message for anyone because I’m having writer’s block. Sometimes that’s good because nobody is creative 24/7. It’s nice to just kick back and enjoy someone else’s creations and just chill. Life is about ups and downs and there’s no avoiding that, so if you’re down, might as well enjoy it and keep it on the down-low.

Medium has helped me lots of times when I’m not feeling really creative so I just want to leave these types of letters for myself and for anyone that wants to read them. So here goes:

YOU DON’T HAVE TO FEEL LIKE SHIT IF YOU DIDN’T DO ANYTHING TODAY. Sometimes taking a deep breath is all you need and other times you need more time to breathe!

….there we go, short, simple and to the point. Just how I like em. :)

OK, bye