9 nifty Instagram know hows to grow your business

As of April 2017 it was recorded that the mobile photo sharing network Instagram, had 700 million active users. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see the importance of using this free tool to grow your business.

But how?

Whether you’re selling your homemade cupcakes at a street food market or you’ve just set up your own painting/decorating company, we’ve got 9 nifty Instagram know hows to grow your business.

1| Get your profile in order
Sounds bleedin’ obvious but if your profile looks rubbish then people won’t think much of your brand. Make sure your profile pic isn’t blurry and your bio blurb explains exactly who/what you are. And if you have a website, make sure to include it.

2| Make the most of stories
In 2016, Instagram introduced Stories; short videos that delete after 24 hours. The joy of Stories are that your viewing figures can often be double/triple that of your regular posts. This is your chance to be really creative.

3| A sneak peek behind the scenes
You obviously want to post pictures that look pretty but don’t be afraid of showing your followers some behind the scenes action of your business. That way people can relate to you and know it’s not an account operated by some corporate, loveless PR sat in an office. Stories are perfect for this.

4| Focus on the lifestyle
Don’t get stuck posting pictures purely of your product — no matter how much they may love it in real life, your followers will soon get bored. Concentrate on pictures that support the lifestyle and beliefs you’re trying to promote. They’ll feel 10x more engaged.

5| Create a conversation
Comment, comment, comment. It might feel a tad laborious but comment on as many pictures as you can. The more you engage with other people, the more you’ll create a name for yourself. And don’t forget to reply to any comments left on your own pics.

Be sure to use hashtags when posting on Instagram, but only relevant ones. #dogsofinstagram on a picture of your newly upcycled dining room table is pointless. The limit is currently set to 30 so do your research and maximise your outreach.

7| Analyse the analytics
First thing’s first, make sure your account is a business account (see how to do that here) as it opens up Instagram Insights. It tells you the best time to post, the age demographic of your followers and how many impressions your photos get. Very useful indeed.

8| Follow the right people
It’s important that you’re following people with similar interests to you and your business. Once you build momentum and gain new followers, your account will start being suggested to other people

9| Schedule your posts
It’s easy to become obsessed with social media and getting away from it can be tricky. Using apps like Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule your posts means you can plan your week. It also guarantees you post at the best times of the day, usually during the morning commute, just before lunch and just before dinner time.

Written by Dominic Rowntree. Published 22 June, 2017